USA360 eCampus

USA360 eCampus is an internationally recognized, online education platform serving students grades 7-12. USA360 is dedicated to student success offering a extensive curriculum of accredited online courses. Partnering with USA360 provides a flexible program model so students can learn at their own pace and get the experience of an international education without the high cost of foreign schooling. The eCampus Program offers access to over 100 fully accredited courses including Core, Advanced Placement (AP), Electives, SAT/ACT preparation and a fast track to academic excellence ending with a diploma from an accredited U.S. High School. Students who chose to participate in more than one Expeditionary Learning Experience graduate with honors.

USA360 is a a great example of cross platform integration. Students register on the website using a unique School ID granting them automatic access to the courses they selected. The LMS (Learning Management System) then assigns each student a unique SIS ID and Group based on School ID. The SIS ID is used to identify and track student activity, course progress, and grades. Teachers and Students within a Group are able to interact similar to that of a classroom. USA360 eCampus is a fully automated, online learning management system and perhaps a substantial component of the future of education as we know it. Find out more about the USA360 eCampus project by visiting:

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